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After School Club

Central Tech Stadium After School Club is a sports based after school program offering elementary school children a venue to develop and play different sports. 

 2018-19 After School Club Registration



  • Athletics Ontario Club with established Club Policies, Procedures and By-Laws
  • Detailed program following Sport for Life Society for Fundamental and Learn to Train
  • 60 minutes of physical activity every day after school
  • Direct pickup to from school doors
  • Program features: sports, activities, outdoor play, community excursions and unique ways for kids to develop a love for sport
  • Ratios: Ages 6-12 (1:5)
  • Monthly excursions to park, school gym and pool, dance and belly dancing studio, rock climbing, tae kwon do classes, board game cafe and science/art labs
  • Access to state-of-the-art high school sports field including multi-sports turf field (with winter dome) and 400m track
  • Evaluations provided by instructors to keep parents informed
  • Staff trained in sports/recreation and child care to foster family and community based environment
  • Free or Discounted rates for camp programming, CTS Events and other CTS offerings
1. What schools are eligible for the walking shuttle to CTS?
    Eligible schools are generally those within a 1.5 kilometre radius of the stadium or within a 15-20 minute walk between the school and CTS. See a list of eligible schools below. However, if we receive a high level of interest from one particular school, we'll make a strong effort to arrange an after school club walking shuttle. The walking shuttle is included at no additional fee.
2. How old are the participants / what grades are accepted?
    Participants are between the ages 6 and 12 years old or in grades 1-6.
3. What kinds of activities are offered?
    Participants will have the chance to try everything from soccer to gymnastics to boxing in a high-energy multi-sport focused program. With a variety of other activities to keep participants physically active and engaged in healthy habits, CTS after-school club offers something for everyone.
4. What is the schedule?
    Final Bell -4:00pm — Walking shuttle to CTS
    4:00-4:15pm— Snack time and homework assistance
    4:15-5:00pm — Physical activity instruction
    5:15-5:30pm — Free Play Activities and Pickup
    5:30-5:45pm — Clubhouse Pickup
5. Can I pick up before 5:45pm?
    Yes! Parents are welcome to pick up at times that are most convenient for their families. Exceptions may apply for days when after-school club leaves the stadium for excursions in the community.
6. Should I pack a snack for after school or is there a snack provided?
    No need! CTS After School Club offers a healthy snack after school including fruits or vegetables and a nutritional carb (crackers, arrowroot, popcorn, corn chips and much more).
7. My child doesn’t enjoy organized sports, is this program still appropriate for him/her?
    CTS After School Club has a mandate to show kids their own unique love of physical activity. Although the program does involve sports, we also play many activities that encourage movement and active play. We are also always interested in hearing suggestions and new ideas for activities from our members.
8. I have 2 children I’d like to register. Will they be in the same group?
    As of right now, all children play together as the program is small. So if you have a 7 and 9 year old, they will have the chance to play together!


As a member of Athletics Ontario, Central Tech Stadium After School Club provides sports and activities to elementary school children in grades 1 – 6. From school bell to 6:00pm, students participate in soccer, baseball, track, dodge ball, community excursions and much more. The kids are picked up directly from school and brought to the new Central Tech Stadium boasting amazing sports facilities for all ages. The program is run and operated by the same people who started Monarch Park Stadium’s After School Club - which now hosts over 80 members per day. The program aims to provide students with an opportunity to move every day after school.

1) Palmerston Avenue Public School
2) Clinton Junior Public School
3) Montrose Public School
4) Lord Lansdowne Public School
5) Hawthorne Alternative and Essex Public Schools

We accept drop-offs from parents and busses after 3:45pm.

  • Final Bell – 4:15pm > Walking shuttle to CTS
  • 4:00 - 4:15pm > Snack time and homework assistance
  • 4:15pm – 5:15pm > Physical Activity Instruction
  • 5:15pm - 5:30pm > Free Play Activities
  • 5:30pm - 5:45pm > Clubhouse Pickup

Soccer, Track, Gymnastics, Fitness, Soccer-Baseball, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Obstacle Course, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Treasure Hunt, Skating, Toboganning, Biking, Bowling, Swimming, Martial Arts, Dance, Art/Science Labs, Rock Climbing, Board Games and Much More!


Development and Instruction from our NCCP Trained Coaches: The After School Club provides all instuctors with coaching education through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The program has been identified as a world leader in coach education. CTS Instructors have been trained in a wide range of sport as our focus is to develop the interest of ASC members in multiple sports. Children are more likely to engage in sports if they understand the rules and fundamental skills behind the game. With coaches to correctly introduce the sport to ASC members, they are more likely to find out what they enjoy about a sport. As NCCP coaches, our instructors' roles are to encourage ASC members to continue their involvement in sports for a long time.

Sportsmanship: An important focus for the After School Club is to foster an environment of sportsmanship and for all members. The world of sport can be very competitive, but with competion, it becomes even more important to have good sportsmanship. All members are encouraged to respect others including other ASC members, instructors, community members and themselves. In order to encourage good sportsmanship, instructors are always rewarding good sportsmanship and continually demonstrating how to show good sportsmanship using the following skills: encouraging teammates, playing fair, giving everyone a chance to play, respecting the officials decisions and congratulating opponents on a good game - win or lose.

Individualized Approach for all Types of Children: At CTS After School Club, we believe every child should be given the opportunity to play sports and stay active. Sports can be an excellent environment for children who struggle in the classroom. We are now more aware of the struggles children experience in the classroom including anxiety, hyperactivity, learning disorders, boredom and other forms of disruptive behaviour. Sports programs have the ability to enable success in all children. CTS After School Club has low ratios to give children more individualized attention and more encouragement. We understand all children are unique and require different techniques to succeed. Our lead instructors come from a strong child sociology background and have experience working with all types of children.


Package Rates: (12 months/year) For more information on subsidized rates now available, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Days Monthly Rate Daily Rate
Five $400.00 $21
Four $365.00 $23
Three $325.00 $27
Two $280.00 $34
One N/A N/A

Siblings receive a 15% discount. Club members receive discounts on all CTS Camps and free entry to CTS Events. Package rates include 3 Weeks of Camp and 4 PA Day Camps. Rates are locked in for full 12 months due to savings.

Regular Rates: (10 months/year) For more information on subsidized rates now available, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Days Rate Daily Rate
Five $445.00 $21
Four $395.00 $23
Three $345.00 $27
Two $295.00 $34
One $150.00 $35

Siblings receive a 15% discount. Club members receive discounts on all CTS Camps and free entry to CTS Events. Families can vary days and rates month-to-month.


After School Club sound familiar? Central Tech Stadium's sister stadium also has an After School Club. Both programs are run by the same people with the same program ideas. MPS After School Club started in 2014 with only 5 members. The program now boasts over 80 members a day from 7 different schools. See below how the program became so popular!

A Family Requiring Convenience: I've had both my children enrolled in MPS since they were 4 and 6. My husband and I have always felt confident in the program and staff. The kids play sports and activities every day. We come from a soccer background, but the children have both really enjoyed learning new sports. In fact, my son is now really interested in basketball from his time at MPS. My daughter's love for sport has completely flourished. She's now not afraid to challenge any boys and she loves to get involved no matter the game. The program has also been extremely convenient for us. Before ASC, we used a lot of babysitters, so the kids were use to the comfort of their home. This program honestly provides the same thing because the staff do wonders to make sure we have everything we need at our finger tips. Forgot to register your kids for camp, they're there for you! Need to pick up early and have the kids waiting in their snow gear, they've got it under control! Bottom line, the program has done wonders for our family and we're appreciative.

Father of 2 extremely active boys: My boys have always gone to daycare, but as they have gotten older and (as they'd describe it) "more mature", they asked us for a change so we tried this out. It's been great! The kids play all the sports they like and even learn new sports. We have two really active boys, so we need them to run their energy off before coming home.

2 Families Becoming 1: Let me tell it straight, we've got one kid in the program, but 5 other kids between the two families. Between my husband, my ex-husband and his wife, we've got a lot going on. We had to put our boy into the program because he aged out of his daycare. We would have rather stayed to keep everyone in the same place, but we didn't have a choice. What a great place to be forced into! Our boy loves it here. He gets to be himself and he doesn't even like sports. He likes the way counsellors encourage him to give everything a try and eventually has picked up a number of activities he really enjoys. He always completes his homework during the designated time and he's really proud of the 5+ Stars of the Week he's earned. I think this was a great place for him to land. The counsellors are great and the environment really provides a great opportunity for all kids to develop a love for sport.

We have one year in the books at Central Tech Stadium's brand new After School Club and we've met some really amazing families. Hear from them yourselves!

A Family New to Canada Requiring Flexibility: The CTS ASC has been a godsend program for my son. He loves it! It offers exactly the kind of playful movement variety that he likes and it has done so much good for him to be involved in sports several afternoons per week, with kids from other schools. Pick up after school works great, staff are super kind and creative with regard to the things they offer, the facility state-of-the-art. It feels good to know that he is there and I always enjoy seeing him happy and tired when I pick him up :-)


The Parent Handbook provides detailed information including Program Description and Logistics, Pickups and Medical Policies, and Parent and Member Code of Conduct.

As the newest member of the Provincial Sport Organizations - Athletics Ontario, MPS After School Club is proud to be an official Athletics Ontario Club. Please read more about the national recognized Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel program created by Athletics Ontario. The program acts as the foundation for MPS After School Club.

Meet Zoey: Zoey began as a Camp Counsellor in 2014 with Monarch Park Stadium. She is now the CTS Program Supervisor administering and leading all youth programs. She began her involvement in sports at a young age captaining her boys hockey team until she was 15. Besides her many babysitting roles in high school, Zoey was enrolled in Leadership Camps where she learned the importance of organization and planning. She worked as a Don throughout university planning sports and other activities for her peers. Her role as a camp counsellor and leader at MPS helped to grow the program from 30 kids per week to 100 kids per week in just 2 years. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, Zoey has joined Central Tech Stadium to bring her youth program experience to the new facility. Her favourite sport is hockey and in her spare time she enjoys personal training.

"After graduating university, I was excited to join the team permanently. The idea of playing sports and mentoring youth as a full time job was exciting. I've always found working with kids to be a rewarding experience."

Program Supervisor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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