Sam Effah – 100m Olympic Sprinter

Central Tech has a world class training facility that has given me the opportunity to train at a high performance level.  As I train for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, usage of this track has been vital to my development as an athlete.  There are few running spaces of this caliber in Toronto -  I will definitely be back!

RBC Olympian
2-Time Canadian Champion & Fastest Man in Canadian University History

Mother of CTS Camper

My son spent 2 weeks at CTS Summer Camp this year.  It was a new camp, so we weren't sure what to expect, but it quickly became apparent that they knew exactly what they were doing!  My son was one of the older campers, so was a little bit hesitant to fully join in at first, but the counselors noticed his reluctance and began relating to him on more of a peer/helper level, which bridged the gap, resulting in a very positive camp experience!  Lots of fun activities and outings, and as my son would say, you get a really cool shirt! ;)

Mother of CTS Camper

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