CTS Little LEAGUERS Soccer and Baseball introduces soccer and baseball development for ages 2-5. The Active Start Little LEAGUERS program emphasizes development for ages 2-5 to introduce soccer skills (dribbling, passing, striking) and baseball skills (hitting, throwing, catching). Registration is now open! For more information about the program, check out Monarch Park Stadium Little LEAGUERS program testimonials.

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 Summer Program (2017) - Starts June 4

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CTS Little Leaguers Soccer & Baseball Information

Developing the ABC's of movement with agility, balance and coordination in soccer and baseball Ages 2-5

Summer Sessions: Sunday

10:00am - 8 weeks

Summer Session: $124.99

(Subsidized by ToRUNTO Junior)


1. Warm up Activities: Raise Heart Rate | Actively Stretch Muscles

2. Instructional Activities:
Soccer Skills: passing, dribbling, striking
Baseball Skills: hitting, throwing, catching

3. Fun Game: Game allowing children to use soccer and baseball skills

CTS Little LEAGUERS physical literacy component consists of:

  • Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination


The program focuses on making physical literacy fun and exciting for ages 2-5. Children will be exposed to the proper fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping and balancing along with the basic sports skills of kicking, throwing and catching.

Each Little LEAGUERS member receives a t-shirt for each session.

Junior League (Ages 5-7 Coming This Fall)

5 Weeks - Soccer
5 Weeks - Baseball
2 Weeks - Variety Sports
ie. soccer baseball, dodgeball

Junior Ages 5-7

Game Times: TBD

Fall Session: TBD

(Subsidized by ToRUNTO)

League Information:
CTS Little LEAGUERS brand new league features weekly soccer and baseball games for ages 5-7 years old. Children will play alternate between soccer, baseball and two variety sports for 12 weeks of fun. Each week, the team will play a new opposing team refereed by our experienced CTS Sports Instructors. Each Junior Little Leaguer receives a full kit including shirt and shorts. Parent volunteers are encouraged.
Soccer Rules

Baseball Rules

Jennifer - Mother of 2 and 5 year old in Little LEAGUERS program
I registered in the program when it was known as the Sports Club 2 years ago. Since then, my 5-year old has joined the Junior League program and plays weekly games. My 2-year old just started this past fall and she loves it. She gets to run around kicking and throwing balls. I don't know if she knows what she's doing, but I like that she is getting an early start to being active!


Sam - Father of 3 year old in Little LEAGUERS program
My 3 yr old joined the Active Start program this Fall and we've been really impressed. Danielle - the Coordinator - is lovely! She always sends us great updates and keeps us informed about the program. My little boy loves soccer and baseball and unlike other programs, he gets so much time and freedom to play. We love it and are excited for next season!

Jimmy - 7-yr old former Little LEAGUER
I loved playing at the bubble! We played soccer and baseball every week and it's fun. I had friends on my team and we played together every week. I scored 10 goals and 3 home runs that season.

Little LEAGUERS Soccer and Baseball Coordinator

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For all questions, please contact the Little LEAGUERS Coordinator by email for more information.