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Thank you for your interest in Central Tech Stadium's After School Club. The 2017-18 registration opens June 1 with only 25 spaces available. Central Tech Stadium is excited to introduce a physical activity after school program to the neighbourhood. Every day after school CTS After School Club will take kids on an adventure throughout the community: park activities, school gym and pool, dance and belly dancing studio, rock climbing, Martial Arts Classes, board game cafe, science/art labs and CTS field and track. CTS After School Club is based on the same principals that has made Monarch Park Stadium's After School Club successfully sold out each year with 80 kids per day. For more information on the MPS program, please see testimonials below.

 2017-18 After School Club Registration




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  • Affilitiated with Athletics Ontario with established Club Policies, Procedures and By-Laws
  • Detailed program following Sport for Life Society for Fundamental and Learn to Train
  • 45 minutes of physical activity every day after school
  • Direct drop off and pickup to and from school doors
  • Program and classes feature: sports, activities, outdoor play, community excursions and unique ways for kids to develop a love for sport
  • Ratios: Ages 6-12 (1:12)
  • Weekly excursions to park, school gym and pool, dance and belly dancing studio, rock climbing, tae kwon do classes, board game cafe and science/art labs
  • Access to state-of-the-art high school sports field including multi-sports turf field (with winter dome) and 400m track
  • Evaluations provided by instructors to keep parents informed
  • Staff trained in sports/recreation and child care to foster family and community based environment
  • Free or Discounted rates for camp programming, CTS Events and other CTS offerings
    1. What schools are eligible for the walking shuttle to CTS?
    You tell us! Eligible schools are generally those within a 1.5 kilometre radius of the stadium or within a 15-20 minute from school to CTS. If we receive a high level of interest from one particular school, we'll make a strong effort to arrange an after school club walking shuttle.
    2. How old are the participants / what grades are accepted?
    Participants are between the ages 6 and 12 years old or in grades 1-6.
    3. What kinds of activities are offered?
    Participants will have the chance to try their hand at everything from soccer to dance to archery tag in a high-energy multi-sport focused program. With a variety of other activities to keep participants physically active and engaged in healthy habits, CTS after-school club offers something for everyone.
    4. What is the schedule?
    School bell-4:15 — walking shuttle from school doors to CTS, snack and welcome activities 4:15-5:15— physical activities led by instructors 5:15-5:45 — participant led activities (free-play) 5:45-6:00 — clubhouse cool down activities and parent pick-up
    5. Can I pick up before 6:00pm?
    Yes! Parents are welcome to pick up at times that are most convenient for their families. Exceptions may apply for days when after-school club leaves the stadium for excursions in the community.
    6. Should I pack a snack for after school or is there a snack provided?
    A healthy snack is encouraged, but at this time CTS does not provide any food during the After School Club. We hope ti implement a nutrition program in the second year.
    7. My child doesn’t enjoy organized sports, is this program still appropriate for him/her?
    CTS After School Club has a mandate to show kids their own unique love of physical activity. Although the program does involve sports, we also play many activities that encourage movement and active play. We are also always interested in hearing suggestions and new ideas for activities.
    8. I have 2 children I’d like to register. Will they be in the same group?
    Groups will be determined by the total number of participants registered in the program. The higher the number of participants, the more likely children will be grouped in narrower age groups. Make sure to check back in with ASC coordinator closer to the beginning of the school year for more information.

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Central Tech Stadium's After School Club provides ages Gr 1+ (6-12) school children with the opportunity to play in a physically active environment. The After School Club runs every school day of the 2017-18 school year. The program encourages physical activity each day to promote healthy, active fun. Club members receive a snack and homework time with by our qualified instructors. Children are picked up after school and walked back to Central Tech Stadium for physical activity and fun! The program features excursions to park activities, school gym and pool, dance and belly dancing studio, rock climbing, Martial Arts Classes, board game cafe, science/art labs and other places in the surrounding community.

2-3 schools will be determined based on level of interest.

1)Palmerston Avenue Public School
2) Huron Street Public School
3) Hawthorne Bilingual Juior School
4) Essex Public School
5) Clinton Junior Public School
6) Montrose Public School
7) Jackman Institute of Child Study

We accept drop-offs from parents and busses after 3:45pm.

  • Bell – 4:15pm > Relaxation Time
  • 4:15pm – 5:45pm > Physical Activity Instruction and Free Play
  • 5:45pm – 6:00pm > Pickup at CTS

Soccer, Track, Gymnastics, Fitness, Soccer-Baseball, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Obstacle Course, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Treasure Hunt, Skating, Toboganning, Biking, Bowling, Swimming, Martial Arts, Dance, Art/Science Labs, Rock Climbing, Board Games and Much More!

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Package Rates: (12 months/year) TBD

Siblings receive a 15% discount. Club members receive discounts on all CTS Camps and free entry to CTS Events. Package rates include 2-3 Weeks of Camp and 3-4 PA Day Camps. Rates are locked in for full 12 months due to savings.

Regular Rates: (10 months/year)TBD

All costs include snack and excursions. Siblings receive a 15% discount. Club members receive discounts on all MPS Camps and free entry to MPS Events. Rates are variable month-to-month.

Contact Information

Alicia Lashley
Please email Alicia for more information or to setup a meeting.